Kailer Yamamoto

by Peter Harling on June 23, 2017


Kailer Yamamoto, C/LW

Shoots: R

Height: 5-8

Weight: 159

Born: 1998-09-29

Hometown:   Spokane, WA, USA


Drafted: 1st round 2017 22nd overall EDM








March 2017 – Yamamoto is a very small, very highly skilled prospect. What bodes well for Yamamoto besides his elite skill is his high compete level, willingness to play a physical game despite his size and that he has good hockey strength. He is very solid on his skates and can be difficult to push off the puck or knock down. He is very agile and elusive and can find holes and seams in defensive coverage that don’t seem to be available. His shot is deceptive in its release as it is quick, requires little wind up. His greatest asset is his offensive vision and hockey IQ, he sees the ice at an elite level, has eyes in the back of his head and thinks the game at a higher pace.

Similar to Alex DeBrincat from 2016, Yamamoto will be this years undersized, high skill player that falls in the draft below where he should be selected. Pick him early in your fantasy draft if you can wait two or three years for the payoff. Peter Harling


Fantasy Outlook: B+

Undersized highly skilled forward with tremendous fantasy upside. A boom or bust prospect.



Kailer Yamamoto Top Prospects Game goal:


Kailer Yamamoto 2016-17 Highlights and Draft profile:



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