Klim Kostin

by dabrams2021 on December 19, 2017


Klim Kostin, RW

Shoots: L

Height: 6-3

Weight: 196

Born: 1999-05-05

Hometown:  Penza, RUS

Drafted: 1st round 2017 31st overall STL







December 2017 - Kostin has been transferred to Russia in order for him to play in the World Junior Championships.  Before the transfer to Russia, Kostin has played 26 games in the AHL for the San Antonio Rampage. He has a respectable two goals and nine assists. Doug Abrams

September 2017 - Kostin is having a superb preseason and training camp.  He is creating tremendous buzz among the coaching staff and hockey community, laying big hits and holding his own in bouts.  The St. Louis Blues need more team toughness and the organization is aware of that fact. Doug Abrams


March 2017 – Kostin is a big strong powerful offensive winger with a high skill set and excellent skating ability. The Russian factor should play heavily in his draft status as the CHL first overall pick in 2016 refused to report to the Kootenay Ice which should raise some red flags. Kostin has also been plagued by inconsistency, at times showing flashes of dominant upside drawing comparisons to the likes of Evgeni Malkin, and also going through uninspiring stretches where he is difficult to find in the game and has little to no impact. Kostin did come to North America to play for Russia in the Super Series but was not as dominant a factor as projected posting two points in five games, as a result he was left of the Russian World Junior team and not even invited to the pretournament selection roster. In 18 combined regular season games in three Russian leagues including the KHL, he managed just one goal and one assist before season ending injury. All in all he entered the season as a potential top ten prospect for the 2017 draft and had a very disappointing season.

Still considered a first-round pick but has some serious red flags on his file and comes with boom or bust buyer beware conditions.  Peter Harling


Fantasy Outlook: B-

Potential dynamic offensive player with top six upside.



Klim Kostin 2015-16 highlights:


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  • Gary Sayers

    —– I’m reminded here of another big Russian player of past years, the left winger of the storied “KLM” line of CSKA Red Army fame, Vladimir Krutov (with Igor Larionov & Sergei Makarov)… Krutov was big, strong, fast, and could score; enjoyed an NHL ‘cup of coffee’ with the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks… This Kostin kid might be similar, but the Red flags (no pun intended) are disturbing… Anyhow, he’s now the property of the St. Louis Blues… For better or for worse…

    • Mark Allan

      Krutov was known as Vlad the Inhaler to Vancouver media due to his prodigious consumption of food and vodka. Before witnessing Larionov and Krutov side by side, I naively thought all Russians came from the same dour cookie cutter. Krutov needed the iron-fisted Soviet overlords to cover for his utter lack of discipline. The brilliant, non-conformist Larionov hated the system. Coming to North America freed Larionov and destroyed Krutov.

      To borrow a baseball analogy, the Blues swung for the fences by drafting Kostin. They’ll likely hit a home run or strike out.