DobberProspects has scouts around the world, focusing on a specific area of hockey. They have a keen eye on skill improvement, statistical trends and organizational depth charts. With dozens of leagues boasting top prospects, it's impossible for one person to keep an eye on everyone. But with focused scouting and analysis, most young guns can get the proper coverage.


Peter Harling is the Managing Editor for Dobber Prospects. Peter has previously contributed to McKeens Hockey, Todays Slapshot, The Hockey Writers and was a co-owner of Fantasy Hockey Coach. Peter travels eastern Ontario scouting OHL and QMJHL from his home town of Kingston. Peter has been managing hockey pools since before the internet when you had to wait till the league stats were published in the Tuesday new paper and write them out by hand each week. @pharling

Hayden Soboleski is a Nanotechnology  Engineering graduate from the University of Waterloo with a passion for hockey, stats, and fantasy sports. He has been investigating and writing about hockey trends for several years, and getting way too into sports conversations since long before that.  He has been playing hockey in Kingston and Waterloo since the age of 5 (still a UFA),  and organizing and participating in fantasy hockey since age 13. Hayden can be found (and talked to, argued with, or collaborated with) on twitter @soboleskih.

Paul Zwambag Bio PicPaul Zwambag is a rookie prospect writer and scout in his prime years of his fantasy hockey career. He debuted his ZB Penguins moniker in 2006 and has added a new league every year for a total of eight teams in 2015. Currently writing and scouting on the Buffalo Sabres prospects, Paul is excited to develop his talents alongside the youthful rebuilding club. Paul grew up playing local rep hockey until he was 20 years old and continued playing in Men's recreational hockey; he is currently an Unrestricted Free Agent looking for a roster spot. He calls the city of Waterloo home and works in T.O. as a Graphic Designer for CityNews Toronto. Have any questions or just want to discuss anything hockey, fantasy or reality? Connect with Paul on Twitter: @zwambag.

Mark Allan Mark Allan is a semi-retired journalist with more than 30 years of experience as a publisher, editor and reporter that includes time as a sports editor and reporter. Based on Vancouver Island off Canada’s Pacific Coast, he is surprisingly a longtime fan of the New Islanders. That helps him to be familiar with the division rival Pittsburgh Penguins, who he covers for DobberHockey.


Jason Banks calls the Center of the Hockey Universe (Toronto), home. An avid hockey fan who keeps up with many levels and leagues, you will find him in many rinks in the Central Ontario region during the season. Jason frequents games in the NHL, AHL, OHL and CWHL (Canadian Women's Hockey League). When not working, he can be found on his laptop, watching European games, analyzing stats and reading, writing and talking about the sport. He enjoys opening up hockey fans to visit games at many levels in an effort to grow the game. Jason has found outlets for relaying his information and opinions by blogging, writing and analyzing stats for: The Marlies Booster Club, The Goalie Guild and of course DobberHockey.




Keith Duggan became a huge hockey fan when he got addicted to the video game classic NHL 94 in his early teens. Ever since then hockey has just been part of his life. If you randomly just showed up at his house, the TV is going to probably be on the NHL network and he is most likely reading The Hockey News. He is addicted to Fantasy hockey and limits the number of teams he has a year to four or five just so he can have some kind of life outside of it. His favorite part of the draft is the latter rounds were knowledge really comes through, and considers himself very good at getting those late round sleepers and steals. Keith's twitter handle is @KDuggan92.


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Joel Henderson is a full time musician from Regina, SK which gives him the wonderful ability to view CHL prospects live with an emphasis on the WHL while on the road. The passion that spilled over from the 2004 Flames Cup run, led to tracking Flames prospects, and then to tracking and researching prospects in general. He enjoys gathering large quantities of opinion and data before reaching informed personal decisions. He also has a BA in Youth Ministry and can be found doing landscaping in the lovely outdoors. You can follow him at @dathockeydoe




Pat Quinn is awful at writing about himself, but can often be found watching hockey, complaining about hockey, or reading about hockey. He is in way too many fantasy hockey pools and averages around seven per season (record was 12), as he finds drafting players his favorite part of all fantasy hockey. Being a Devils fan in a Canadian city can be weird. Writes for the Capitals and trying to find more time to write for the Islanders. Is on twitter tweeting about politics or hockey at @FHPQuinn




The rest of our scouting team:


Mike Barrett – Montreal Canadiens

Donesh Mazloum – Nashville Predators

Matt Kowalski – Dallas Stars

Eric JosephMinnesota Wild

Brad Phillips – Ottawa Senators, St. Louis Blues

Kevin LeBanc – Carolina Hurricanes

Cam Robinson – Vancouver Canucks

Dave MacDonald – Chicago Blackhawks

Aynsley Scott – Winnipeg Jets

Chris Crawford – Florida Panthers

Max Marko – Tampa Bay Lightning

Brent Craswell – New York Islanders

Zach Devine – San Jose Sharks

Marco Bambino – New Jersey Devils

Philip Kamhi – Los Angeles Kings

Erik Schiefer – Columbus Blue Jackets

Michael Drover – Boston Bruins

Lucas Main – Anaheim Ducks

Joseph Highgate – Detroit Red Wings

Dylan Finan – New York Rangers

Brayden Sully – Edmonton Oilers

Brayden is 19 years old and is based in Edmonton where he has been scouting for three years

Brennen York – Philadelphia Flyers